The New Parent Course

Once your baby has arrived, we invite you to join us on a 4 week journey through your final trimester. A unique journey designed to support you in those early days.

1. You

We start with You, the birthing parent and your Partner.

The mental health of parents is very important and we will continue to weave this ethos throughout each of our sessions.

As Beyond Birth practitioners, we will have an open and honest conversation on the physical and mental health changes that happen to you after giving birth.

Having a new baby Is a big adjustment, It's good to have support.

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2. Sleep

How can you encourage good sleep routines?

Understand your baby's sleep. The hows, whys and everything in between!

Take a gentle, holistic approach to sleep, allowing you to feel happy and confident in the choices you make.

We also explore how to adapt your own sleep and rest patterns to fit in with baby's routine.

3. Feed

We are ‘pro feeding’.

What we mean by this is that we want you to feel confident in the way that you choose to feed your baby.

Whether it’s breastfeeding, formula, exclusively expressing, or half and half, we will walk you through the different options and methods and most importantly how to get that good latch.

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4. Play

What is play for a baby and what should I be doing to aid their development?

Understand the milestones and developmental changes your baby makes through their first 6 months.

You will get a hands-on mini baby massage session and information on how to help your baby's developing senses.

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      Sessions are 90 minutes long and run over 4 consecutive weeks.

      There will be a maximum of 8 parents in each session.

      Each week we will cover the above topics, where you will be given information, practical hands-on guidance and opportunities to ask individual questions related to you and your baby.

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