The New Parent Course

Become the best parents you can be

Across 4 in person sessions you will learn everything you need to help yourself and your little one establish feeding, playing and sleeping routines and how to look after yourself as new parents.

We do this in a safe environment having open and honest conversations with no judgment.


1. You

We start with You - the birthing parent AND your Partner.

This is a conversation about sex, relationships, emotions, piles, postnatal depression, hormones, body recovery, exercise, your nutrition and pelvic floor health.

How is your pelvic floor health after giving birth? Have you considered the recovery of your vagina? There’s more to it than sitting on a bag of peas. We work with a pelvic floor specialist to get your nether regions back in tip top condition so you don’t have to pee a little when you cough.

We think that the majority of both new parents go through some form of depression after having a new baby. It may only be a fleeting moment or last for a few days but this new life can be very hard to adapt to. We discuss uncomfortable thought patterns - that are a lot more common than you think - and encourage sharing and talking in our sessions.

Participate as much or as little as you like.

You will walk away with tools to manage your mental health and exercises to improve your pelvic floor health. No one wants to wee when they cough.

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2. Sleep

How can you encourage good sleep routines?

The one thing every parent wants more of - but how do you get it? At a time when we need to be able to concentrate more than we ever have before, simple tasks can become a struggle - Not ideal when you have a new human to look after.

But being tired doesn’t have to be a right of passage for new parents. We teach you to understand your baby’s sleep needs so that you can get that all important rest and we help identify signs of reflux and colic.

Learn how to encourage good sleep routines, types of sleeping, what sleep cycles are, how to link those cycles, what might be causing bad sleep and how to temporarily adapt your sleep routines as a family to work around your little one.

Setting good sleep routines from birth will create a positive relationship with sleep. As baby grows, their sleep needs will change and by establishing that good relationship, sleep regressions will be much easier to deal with. (even non-existent.

You will walk away with tools to help your little one develop a positive relationship with sleep.

3. Feed

We are ‘pro feeding’.

We are ‘pro feeding’. Breast, bottle, mixed. However you want to feed your baby - We will support you. We will walk you through the different options, methods, how to get that good latch, nipple shields and how to deal with your partner if they are a bit pushy. If baby is hungry, they need to be fed. Bottle is ok - if you are struggling with breast, don’t sweat it.

Learn winding techniques, when they need to be fed and how they are asking for it.

Discover how making small changes to feeding at night can have a very surprising impact on yours and baby’s sleep.

You will walk away with additional ideas and options for feeding as well as local contacts to help you in your journey.

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4. Play

What is play for a baby and what should I be doing to aid their development?

Sleep, play, eat repeat. Understand the milestones and developmental changes your baby makes through their first 6 months and what play activities are best for each stage.

You will get a hands-on shortened baby massage session and play activities to develop all 8 (yes 8) senses effectively.

At this early stage some of the simplest activities are the most important. That black and white book the hospital gives you is actually really valuable in those early days.

You will walk away with knowledge about all 8 senses, how to develop them in your little one and fun activities that your baby will consider as play.

With plenty of opportunity to ask questions, participate or just listen. It is important to surround yourself with people having the same experience, whilst in a warm and relaxing environment.

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      Sessions are 90 minutes long and run over 4 consecutive weeks.

      There will be a maximum of 8 families in each session.

      Each week you will be given information, practical hands-on guidance and opportunities to ask individual questions related to you and your baby.

      This is for all parents or caregivers to help you to create a stable and nurturing environment for your little one. We recommend both parents or bringing a friend.

      We encourage you to be yourself.

      Share the experience with your new friends at The New Parent Company.

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