Positive Breech Birth Story

Maddie’s birth story in her mother, Cina’s words…   From my 28 week appointment my second baby was breech and I’m not sure why, but I had a feeling she wouldn’t budge. I wasn’t sure what implications this would have for my plans to have her on the birth centre birth. I attempted an ECV…

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A Positive Elective Caesarean Story

Here’s Emma, mum to 3 with her positive caesarean story…   Our third baby boy was born by elective cesarean section in September 2021.    My previous two deliveries had not been what you would call straight forward. Rafe was overdue and when my waters broke there was meconium. A long labor followed and I…

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Due Date – EDD

pregnancy calendar

The actual percentage of babies born on their due date in the UK is only 4%! Can you believe that!? This seems extremely low, but rates rise rapidly on the dates surrounding the given due date. 60% of babies are born within a week either side of the estimated due date (EDD) and more than…

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Breast Feeding – My experience

Breast feeding baby the New Parent Company

I didn’t have a preference when it came to feeding my baby   I have worked as a nanny, putting together routines that work well with babies who have been bottle fed. I have also worked as a maternity nurse and supported mums who have breastfed. Both could work and I originally thought I would…

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