Baby Yoga

Baby yoga is made up of a variety of poses and positions to promote baby’s development, health and wellbeing.

The positions and postures are gentle body awareness movements, not quite the yoga we normally think of. They improve muscle tone, flexibility, body awareness and coordination.

Touch is your babies first language, so let's communicate!


The skin is the biggest organ and is the first to develop. Therefore, even in the womb, a babies most powerful sense is touch.

When we practise yoga with our infants we develop baby’s vestibular system. 

The vestibular system is in the ear and directly effects the nervous system. It helps us understand our 'place in space' or our awareness of ourselves relative to things around us.

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Development of a babys limb movement and muscle tone

When we are born, babies aren't even aware they have limbs, let alone an awareness of where and how they move.

Proprioception is the range of movement at any joint.

Through Yoga you can help baby find their range of movement and develop an awareness of their limbs, joints and muscles as well as building a closer bond with each other.


Book a Yoga Class

We are currently only running classes at the Maqam Centre in Queens Park but watch this space as we add more venues across London over the coming months.