The New Parent Course

Our inclusive, refreshingly honest and very informative approach is steadily becoming appreciated as a more realistic approach to antenatal classes and early parenthood support.

Parenthood is the most important job you will ever have, it's the responsibility for another human life.

The birth can seem daunting and the future can seem scary. With our straight talking approach to antenatal classes and follow on support for new parents, we are ensuring you walk into parenthood fully empowered to take on the challenge ahead.

The course

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Lesson 1 - Birth, the science 

The day has come! What to do? What will happen? 

Covering the birthing body (it’s pretty magical), the stages of labour, birth plans, pain relief, birth options and birth rights.

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Lesson 2 - Birth Prep

Helping you to stay calm, relaxed and in control during labour.

Covering your birth environment, the birth partners role, birth positions, home birth, hospital birth, birth centre. 

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Lesson 3 - Baby Care

Your very own baby manual, to refer back to for when things start to get a little fuzzy.

Covering nappies and their contents, bathing, playing, skin care and routines.

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Lesson 4 - Feeding 

This is not just feeding. This is The New Parent Company feeding.

Covering breast feeding, bottle feeding, combination feeding and expressing. Oh, not to forget your nutrition too. 

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Lesson 5 - Sleeping 

Being tired doesn't have to be a right of passage for new parents.

There is so much to learn about your baby's sleep and how to optimise yours too.

Covering safe sleep, co-sleeping, naps and routines.

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Lesson 6 - You & The Postnatal Plan

Looking after both parents Beyond Birth! Including a top to toe check to get your mummy MOT.

Covering metal health, physical recovery, relationships & sex.

Transition into great parents

As well as ensuring you are fully clued up about birth, we want to prepare you for what comes next - Parenthood. We want you to settle in as smoothly as possible.

There are a lot of opinions out there on how parenting should or shouldn't be done. Family, friends, blogs and classic book all tell you the best way - but how do you know what is actually best for you?

We are here to give you options, not opinions.


Why did nobody ever tell me this!?

We will help break down taboos, give you the answers to those embarassing questions and introduce you to things you never knew existed about the human body.

  • Giving birth is not the same as you see on TV! Erase those pictures from your mind and come and learn what it’s really like.
  • Your birthing team will not care if your toe nails are painted or if you’ve had a wax!
  • Yes - You will probably poo yourself during birth, It means you are pushing properly!
  • 2cm dilated doesn’t sound like much, but your uterus has done a lot of work in the lead up to that point!
  • Meconium is a very sticky messy thing
  • Part of the umbilical cord will still be flapping around and eventually drop off somewhere in your house 2 weeks after babies birth
  • Yes - You have birth rights and it's ok to exercise them
  • It's ok to not feel an instant rush of love for your new baby, relationships take time to build

Baby’s don’t come with a manual, but we can provide the next best thing!


Our support continues after your birth

Looking after you as new parents, is our biggest priority.

The first 90 days after birth is the 4th trimester. There is a lot happening during this time and when it happens, it is easy to lose focus.

After baby has arrived, we take a much deeper look into the 4 pillars structure that will support you through the 4th trimester:

  • Feeding
  • Sleeping
  • Playing
  • Looking after yourself

Become a New Parent with us, knowing that we are here for you, before, during and after your birth.

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Become a New Parent

We take you through a 6 week programme to prepare you for your birth and beyond. Our ethos is to make sure you are informed, educated and prepared to welcome your new baby.

Each class is 2 hours once a week across 6 weeks.

We are currently running classes at the Maqam Centre in Queens Park for 10 individual families. A booking allows you plus baby(s) and 1 partner to attend.