The founder, sleep consultant and maternity nurse


About me

Since becoming a mother in 2016, I have recognised a gap in postnatal support and education for new parents.

I found the whole motherhood experience isolating and I had no one to talk to about my experiences, worries and concerns. Which is why The New Parent Company has been established!

Even as someone who was 'prepared' for having a baby (after a long career in early years) I struggled to understand my new self, my hormones and how to navigate a world where 100% of my time, body and mind was given to another human. I often felt that I had no support.

The New Parent Company is there to be that support.

By providing, expert advice in all aspects of baby and parent care time and a safe space, we hope to become the village of support that you need.

Early career

I started my career in 2000 when I attended my local college and completed a Diploma in Early Years. Since then, I have continued to learn, grow and develop in all aspects of my career within the early years sector.

The main focus of my 20 year career has been working one to one with families as a nanny, newborn care specialist and play therapist.

These include roles looking after;

  • Multiples - 3 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets
  • Premature babies
  • Children with allergies and medical conditions
  • Children with special educational needs, including training specialising in ABA, Son Rise and HANDLE therapy (Holistic Approach to Neurological
  • Development and Learning Efficiency)
  • Gifted and talented children


In 2014 I started educating other professionals in all aspects of early years care. I have written and had accredited by the Open College Network courses in:

  • Newborn and Postnatal Care
  • Early Years Education
  • Understanding Sleep in Babies
  • Teaching Children How to Read
  • Safeguarding
  • Effective Communication and Parent Partnership
  • I have also adapted the CACHE Level 3 Early Years Educator qualification to be a hands-on practical education for nursery practitioners.


The exercise & pelvic floor specialist

Francis The New Parent Company

Fran is excited to be joining the New Parent Company to support mums in feeling strong and loving towards themselves and in being proud of their bodies.

She is an accomplished and experienced fitness coach as well as a mum to her daughter Olive, who just turned one. She qualified as a Pre and Post natal exercise instructor in 2018 and through her own journey of becoming a mother, shares a deep understanding of the impact pregnancy has on the body.

She strives to be adventurous and approachable with clients and always brings a vibrant energy and positivity to her classes.

She joins us during our New Parent Postnatal Class to give you advice and support on your pelvic floor and getting back to exercise after having a baby!

She also teaches a safe and effective prenatal exercise workout that gently raises the heart rate while focusing on areas of the body that require strengthening and opening during the prenatal journey. These classes take place at The Maqam Centre on Tuesday’s from 7-8pm.

You will leave with a smile and a stronger appreciation of what your amazing bodies are capable of.


The midwife, hypnobirth and pregnancy specialist

Kirsty the new parent comapny

Kirsty is a mother to 3 children; Layla 19, Zak 16 and Kaya 10, and lived abroad for 15 years where her children were born in Thailand, Gibraltar and The Philippines. She grew up with a Ballerina mother but ended up competing in Display Gymnastics for GB for many years, much to her mother’s dismay!

As a young woman living abroad she found Yoga, which she can genuinely say “changed her life” and has been practicing on and off for over 20 years.

Kirsty really enjoyed continuing her practice during pregnancy because it helped her feel stronger, less achy and allowed some ‘me time' to feel grounded, connected to her body, baby and through breathing techniques, to feel focused. This especially helped when it came to preparing for her births.

After many years of Montessori teaching in International schools, her desire for wanting to support women and their families stemmed from her own varied experiences of birth. From extremely traumatic to absolutely heavenly (general anesthetic emergency c-section, hospital vaginal delivery and home water birth!).

She is totally fascinated by the physiological process of pregnancy and birth and how women's bodies completely and utterly ROCK!

Birth is mind blowing however it happens and Kirsty believes everyone can have a positive experience regardless of the situation. It was during her 3rd pregnancy that she discovered Hypnobirthing and boy was this a complete game changer!

This is what led her to train as a midwife in 2016, as well as further training in Hypnobirth, Pregnancy Yoga and both Pregnancy and Baby Massage.

Kirsty runs our Pregnancy Yoga classes at The Maqam Centre on Friday’s from 12-1:15pm. She also runs group and 1-2-1 private Hypnobirthing and Baby Massage courses, as well as giving pregnancy massages when she has the time!

She is extremely passionate about contributing to families' journeys with kindness, compassion, empathy and individuality. Knowledge is power - and at every single stage of your journey there are choices, YOUR choices. It’s YOUR body, YOUR birth and YOUR baby.