Planned Caesarean – My Story


For Caesarean Awareness Month, we want to share some positive birth stories! Here one of our team, Kirsty @mamasrocktheworld shares her experience of her planned caesarean experience

The beautiful moment i got to hold our baby

Oskar is my second c-section out of 4 births. I had an emergency experience in Thailand in 2002, a hospital birth in Gibraltar in 2005, a home water birth in Manila 2011 and we were hoping for a home birth like my 3rd with him. I found out I was GBS positive around 28 weeks and the home birth team could not facilitate antibiotics at home. I could have declined them but I would have felt guilty if something adverse had happened so we opted for the birth centre. I had a scan at 40 weeks (due to my age of 44 years) and it would seem he had a huge growth spurt and the consultants wanted to induce me. I did not want this. Being a midwife was not helping because my extra knowledge (this time around) meant I had seen numerous things sometimes I wished I hadn’t! After some long talks with my partner, we decided that going for an elective c-section was the best decision for us. We used our BRAINS (benefits, risks, alternatives, intuition, nothing, second opinion) and I felt supported, informed and went into the process feeling positive.
We went into hospital early the next day excited in knowing we would be leaving with our baby soon. Throughout the process I used Hypnobirthing techniques to help me stay calm, relaxed and focused and the team in theatre were brilliant. We played our playlist and Oskar came gently into the world to our favourite tune! The 4th photo in this selection was taken just as he was handed to me and you can see the feeling of utter joy, relief and love that we felt.

It and he was beautiful and perfect.💙💙💙

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