Birth Bag


Preparing for the arrival of your little one is an exciting and joyous time. As you approach your Estimated due date, one essential item to have ready is your birth bag. This bag will accompany you to the hospital or birthing centre, ensuring you have everything you need for a comfortable and smooth birth experience. To help you pack your birth bag like a pro, here’s our list of essentials.

Your notes & Birth plans

Phone or camera (for pictures!) & portable charger

Relaxation MP3s where your birth partner can find them

Headphones for staying in your bubble

Relaxing or uplifting music on a playlist

Affirmations to put around the room

TENS machine

Some battery operated fairy lights and candles

Relaxing scents that you’ve used to anchor during relaxation

Flannel and fan for keeping cool

Whatever snacks and drinks you might fancy (previous groups seem to agree on Jaffa Cakes!)

Things that make you feel at home (family photos, blankets etc.)

Your pillow (smells of home and is 100 times better than a hospital one!)

Hair clips and bands to keep your hair out of your face

A birth ball just in case all the ones there are in use

Straw so that you can drink comfortably

Something funny to watch or listen to

Card games

An eye mask to get in a little private bubble

Vibrator (for stimulation for oxytocin release)


Comfy clothes for during and after birth

Cosy socks to keep your feet warm if not in a pool

Lots of underwear in case they get messy after birth, big comfy ones!

Maternity pads

Lip balm

Nipple cream

Breast pads

Clothes, phone charger, underwear etc for birth partner in case you’re there for a while

Toiletries for having a wash after birth

Clothes, blankets, muslins and nappies for baby

Cotton wool for babies bum


Flip flops and a large towel for when you shower


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