Postpartum Physical Recovery


Physical changes after birth are normal, but sometimes they are unexpected. 

Here are a few that may happen after birth:

After pains

Very normal and can be painful. This is your uterus contracting and shrinking. You may feel these more when breastfeeding due to the oxytocin boost

First Poos

Those first poos after birth can be a little nerving so we want to avoid constipation and keep your diet high in fibre to support this.

Homemade padsicles

Get a maternity pad, a few drops of witch Hazel, pop in a freezer bag and place in the freezer. Witch Hazel is a natural, soothing skin remedy that helps reduce inflammation and swelling and it has great wound healing properties which makes it an ideal remedy for reducing vaginal swelling and swelling of haemorrhoids.

Vaginal bleeding can continue for 6 weeks – wear pads or period pants (not tampons or cups).

Rest your body and mind

Rest your body and mind when you can. It could be by doing some meditation, breath work, or loosing yourself in a good box set. It can be difficult to adjust with sleep, so take it easy, get outside for a little vitamin D to boost your mood, but also remember sofa days are completely acceptable!

Pelvic floor

Start some pelvic floor rehabilitation. Work with your breathe and help support your pelvic floor and core. 

Night sweats

Yeah these are annoying and due to the drop in oestrogen. Like you didn’t already have things going on in the night, without this added annoyance! Try putting a towel down so that you can just remove and replace rather than having to change sheets in the night. Wear 100% cotton, keep hydrated and use a fan at night to keep you cool.

Passing urine

urine can sting too. Keep a sports water bottle by the side of your toilet and squirt at the same time as weeing to take the acidity out. Or wee in the shower.


Cushions around your back, arms, under your bottom to help support you with feeding and your body’s recovery.


Monitor for signs of infection where you have had stitches either tummy or vagina . If you feel they are not healing well, are smelly or look red/infected please contact your GP.

Pain medication

Keep on top of pain meds you have been given by your health care team. They are there to help!

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