Mother Hormone!

💕Discovered in 20th century by the British physiologist Sir Henry Dale and labelled the mother hormone as it caused uterine contractions and milk ejection when they injected it into cats 

💕Oxytocin was one of the first hormones to be discovered 

💕A synthetic oxytocin was produced in 1960 which is still widely used today, However a lot of people who use it (midwives, healthcare professionals etc) believe it is different from the real thing

Hormone of Love

💕Oxytocin stimulates interaction and bonding between friends, lovers, and family members

💕All the bonding and interaction helps increase general well being 

💕Oxytocin is a miraculous substance that makes us all friendly, happy and attractive….. It’s Love! 

💕Oxytocin levels increase during sex…. its a great way to get a top up!

Hormone of health and love

💕Research shows oxytocin can reduce sensation of pain, reduce levels of fear and stress and counteract inflammation 

💕Oxytocin has been shown to stimulate growth and restorative process

💕Oxytocin may even stimulate the division of healthy cells and stop unhealthy cells from growing 

Oxytocin is more than just a hormone

What is a hormone?

A substance that is released into the blood where it is transported to another organ, there it binds to receptors in this case the uterus and breasts

1️⃣Oxytocin is transmitted through the bloodstream, which causes hormonal effects.

2️⃣Oxytocin released from the nerves in the brain and can influence brain function

3️⃣Local effects produced by oxytocin released from peripheral organs and cells

Oxytocin during pregnancy

💕Oxytocin levels increase gradually, 3 to 4 times during pregnancy in response to increasing levels of oestrogen 

💕Helps you become more socially interactive 

💕Oxytocin helps you store calories in early pregnancy 

💕Oxytocin helps you transfer more and more energy to your growing baby

💕Oxytocin helps you communicate and seek and receive information from others around you

💕Oxytocin helps you shift your interest from the world around you to your baby, starting the bonding process 

Oxytocin During Birth

💕Oxytocin contracts the muscles of the uterus and relaxes the muscles of the cervix 

💕Oxytocin released in the brain reduces the sensations of pain

💕Oxytocin effects the nervous system to reduces levels of fear & stress & anxiety

💕Oxytocin studies show that birth is faster and less painful with the presence of a supportive person, because the presence of a supportive person stimulates oxytocin

Oxytocin after Birth

💕Oxytocin helps the placenta come away from the uterus and reduce blood loss – the 3rd stage of labour 

💕Skin to skin increases oxytocin levels in both mum and baby which in turn lowers cortisol levels and pulse rate 

💕The warmth from the mother increases oxytocin release in the baby

💕The mothers chest skin temperature increases in response to oxytocin-induced dilation of blood vessels – thermo regulation 

💕Skin to skin allows the baby to perform breast seeking behaviour, the massaging, licking and suckling of the breast releases more oxytocin 

💕Skin to skin is linked to have long term positive effects such as anti stress, more sociable interactions for years, if not for life 

Skin to Skin in the golden hour
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Oxytocin and Breast feeding

💕Oxytocin works alongside prolactin to produce and release breastmilk. It’s the prolactin that produces the milk in the breast and the oxytocin that ejects it

💕Emotional intelligence is increased – reading baby’s cues – logical intelligence can become compromised – more difficult to learn and memorise things. These effects are all caused by the flood of oxytocin in the brain that occurs every time they breastfeed

💕Oxytocin adapts the volume of milk as it is needed

💕Increased well-being – the rewards centres in the brain are activated. This links to higher levels of dopamine

Oxytocin in babies

💕Babies have their own oxytocin system from conception 

💕Oxytocin supports the growth and development of babies 

💕Oxytocin reduces pain and protect babies from damage caused by low levels of oxygen 

💕Oxytocin helps babies forget the birth through it amnestic effects

💕Oxytocin helps babies to bond and interact with their mummies & daddies 

What to know more?

We recommend

‘Why Oxytocin matters’

by Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg for further reading or listening.

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