Birth Rights


Healthcare professionals are there to support your decisions, inform you of your choices and use evidence to back up their suggestions. Even if you have other ‘risk factors’ during pregnancy.

The language that can be presented to you at prenatal appoints and during labour can sometimes be suggestive and coercive.

You shouldn’t be put on the spot to make a decision and you should always have control over what the final decision is.

Every person should seek your consent for every procedure and should be able to answer all the questions you have (or at least point you to the right websites and resources). And importantly, give you time to process and make decisions for yourself.

💚You have the right to consent to something or to say no!
💚You have the right to a second opinion.
💚You have the right to change midwife if you do not like them or agree with their ideas
💚You have the LEGAL right to choose where to birth your baby (yes legal – including a law passed on your right to have a home birth – so don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have one!)
💚You can say no at any time (even to vaginal exams!)
💚You can change your mind AT ANY TIME
💚You should never be limited on your choices
💚Alway ask for time to research so you can make an informed choice
💚Ask your healthcare professional to write down what they tell you (if they are reluctant to do so, they are possibly giving you their opinionated ideas and not informing you of all your choices)

Make informed decisions for yourself based on ALL the information. Not simply because a healthcare professional says you can or cannot do something!

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“why human rights in childbirth matter”

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