Habit Stacking


Habit Stacking

Habit Stacking can be a great way to support your baby’s sleep and help through any transitions and changes too.

Example: I breastfed my daughter to sleep. I was 100% happy with this, however if I needed to be away from her at all, then this restricted what I was able to do and how long for! It also meant that my partner was not able to put her down and everything was down to me.

To habit stack, we added a comfort toy (something that smelt of me or an item of clothing from the laundry basket works well too!), a song that we listened to at sleep times and patting her gently. I added these 3 things alongside the breastfeeding. This meant that all these were familiar to her, they were simple things to do, and they were alternatives that she became familiar with.

If I was not around, then this made it easier as she had other sleeping aids to help, and also when we transitioned away from breastfeeding as we had other ideas to help get her to sleep. 

You could try:
⭐️White noise
⭐️ Patting
⭐️ Shushing
⭐️ Rocking/swaying
⭐️ Music
⭐️ Comfort toy that smells of you (always be mindful of safe sleep guidelines)
⭐️ A dummy
⭐️ Hand holding
⭐️ Bedtime story/music/audio book we love @playmoshikids

Or any other thing you can use to support your baby’s sleep in a safe and gentle way.

Please email adeline@newparentcompany.com if you would like further support with your baby’s sleep.

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