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We love using sensory lights during play as the shifting lights can capture your babies attention as well as encourage visual tracking, this in turn promoting the development of their visual processing skills. Observing and following the lights can aid in the refinement of their visual coordination and perception and of course they are fun. Who doesn’t love a kitchen disco?

These mini disco lights are the best! magnetic, chargeable, portage, powerful & cheap. What’s not to love
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TTS-Group Glow pebbles. We love to stack, roll & change the colours on these rechargeable pebbles.
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Sensory lights offer babies an opportunity for multi-sensory exploration.

The combination of lights, colours, and accompanying sounds or music can engage multiple senses simultaneously. Babies can observe the lights, listen to the accompanying sounds, and experience the interplay between visual and auditory stimuli. This multi-sensory experience promotes their sensory integration and cognitive development

Soft, gentle sensory lights can create a soothing and calming environment for babies. The warm glow of the lights can help create a serene atmosphere during bedtime routines or moments of rest. The subdued lighting can aid in relaxation, promoting a sense of security and comfort for babies, which can contribute to better sleep patterns.

ARTINABS Ocean Wave Projector Night Light – This light is so calming it even puts us to sleep
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Emotional Regulation

Sensory lights can assist in supporting babies’ emotional well-being and regulation. The captivating and calming effects of the lights can help babies self-soothe and manage emotional states

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