Positive Breech Birth Story


Maddie’s birth story in her mother, Cina’s words…


From my 28 week appointment my second baby was breech and I’m not sure why, but I had a feeling she wouldn’t budge. I wasn’t sure what implications this would have for my plans to have her on the birth centre birth. I attempted an ECV at 37 weeks which was unsuccessful as baby was deeply in my pelvis already. I decided that after much research that I wanted to go for a vaginal breech birth and luckily it’s something my hospital (and their breech clinic) was very supportive of and they were happy for me to have her in the birth centre.


At 39+4 my waters broke at 6.30am, light twinges started. I texted my breech midwife and contacted the birth centre. I then headed in to hospital just to get checked. On my way, I started contracting.


We decided it would be best to keep me in due to breech/second baby and because contractions had already started.  I was more than happy to do so. They gave me some toast and a drink and I stayed mobile but it all felt very relaxed. As my contractions weren’t very close together I was able just to do my own thing which was great. I stayed mobile and upright and contractions started to pick up quite a bit. I requested an examination, as I felt like something had descended around 10.30. Nothing had but I was about 3 almost 4 cm. I continued to stay mobile, leaning on the birth ball while getting lovely back massages from the midwife. At just before 12 I was sure I felt something descend so pressed the buzzer again so we could see if it had. I laid down on the floor and a foot appeared! I changed positions a few times and the midwives were very accommodating, letting me do my own thing.


Baby was slowly descending and we were seeing more of her leg. I laid down a bit for a little break, but it came to a point where we knew baby was ready so I was gently encouraged to return to an upright position. I then started pushing. Within 5 minutes baby Maddie had arrived! We had skin to skin and she latched on immediately after birth.


Overall, I think really focusing on my breathing helped me focus! And to be honest the midwives were fantastic and I had great support. I actually was by myself (no partner) for most of it because I went in thinking I was just going to get checked but things moved really quickly and my partner was at home with our eldest and I was really chilled out about the whole thing and told him and my mum not to rush. Luckily he made it for the arrival of our daughter though!


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