Sustainable Parent Friendly Brands

Shining a spotlight on some of our favourite sustainable brands on World Earth Day.

The Nappy Gurus

Reusable Nappies are nappies that get washed and reused rather than thrown away. They come in lots of different designs and styles, but the concept of reusing is always the same. Modern reusable nappies typically comprise of a built in system, where the nappy absorbency and waterproof layers are all part of one nappy, making them easy to use and easy to care for.

The Nappy Gurus’ number one aim is to connect, inform and inspire the next generation of cloth nappy parents. After all, reusable nappies are pretty cool, and they can’t wait to show you that! The world of modern reusable nappies is far removed from the traditional vision, and modern cloth nappies are easy to use, practical and effective. So whether the motivation to use reusable nappies for your baby is to save money, save the planet, or be kinder to the skin, we’ve got you covered. You will also find reusable wipes with as they are, frankly, one of the best things ever. Even if you’re not quite ready to make the switch to the nappies, cloth wipes are such an easy replacement for disposable wipes, and you won’t look back.


It’s reusable Nappy Week 25th April – 1st May, join us for a reusable nappy demonstration at The Maqam Centre in Queen Park, London on Friday 29th April from 12:30-2pm for a demonstration with Tallie from Joy of Birth.

You can also use the code JOYOFCLOTH for a special discount on Nappy Guru products



Finnson not only make the most stylish nappy changing and buggy friendly bags out there, they use repurposed materials.

In their words…

“As a brand, we design seasonless, timeless pieces, and focus on the longevity of our products. We believe in circular design and creating products using low impact materials, timeless design, and long life durability.


As designers, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to source responsibly and produce innovative materials with minimal environmental impact.

Our debut range of bags and accessories are crafted from recycled materials using RPET recycled polyester. Recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled fabric yarns, giving ‘landfill’ a new life.”

I literally want to buy every product they have! Head over to their website to support this wonderful small business



Bundlee s a sustainable rental service for modern parents, where you can rent your baby’s wardrobe and swap as they grow.

With 300,000 pieces of clothing heading to landfill every week in the UK, and babies outgrowing 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years, the effects on the environment are enormous.

Bundlee believe the best solution to all of this waste is renting and focusing on sustainability at every stage of our clothes lifecycle.


How it works

Choose. Pick the plan that fits your family for a flat monthly price. Your conscious clothes will be conveniently delivered for free by your selected delivery date.

Wear. Clothes made to cuddle in, play in, eat in and sleep in. Wear with no worries thanks to your included rental insurance, which covers life’s messy moments.

Swap. Whenever your little one’s ready, conveniently swap outgrown clothes for the next size up! With free returns and no time limits on swaps, you’ll always have the size you need.

Clean. Your returned clothes are cleaned and go through our eco-friendly Ozone sanitisation method, ready to be loved by the next family.

Head to the website and use the code TNPC40 for £40 your subscription!



We have to give a special

Mention to one of our venues, b_together (& at feast) in St John’s Wood.

“The reason we exist is to support you as a parent by offering a planet-friendly co-working space, a comfortable chill space and an exceptional childcare space where your little ones can be inspired in the very safest of hands.”

This venue comes from Maggie Bolger, widely regarded as one of the most progressive thought leaders in early childhood education, family-focused interior design and members’ clubs. 

image0 (1)

B_together is a members club for families, and at feast a neighbourhood family friendly restaurant.

Both venues, based on St John’s Wood High St in North West London had sustainability at the heart of their build. From designs to materials to fittings, they explored how eco-friendly a building site could really be. It wasn’t all blue skies, and yes they had to compromise, but they never stopped innovating.

Head to at feast for yummy brunch, lunch and dinner solo, or as a family! And book in a tour of b_together or their beautiful nursery!

image1 (1)

We are lucky to run classes at this beautiful venue and have a new term starting Monday!

Take a look at what we have on offer here

Use the code NW8Mums at checkout for 20% off our classes here!

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