A guiding hand through the early days of parenthood

We are on a mission to change the way new parenthood is supported.

Here at The New Parent Company we are here to support you before and after your birth.

Where are you in your journey?


before birth
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Finding out you are pregnant can be a wonderful and exciting time. Baby names flood into the head and nursery hastags are followed on social.

Excitement, joy and lots of praise often flood your way but then you start to wonder, what's next...

Understanding how to prepare for birth is only part of the story. You have a whole new life over the horizon and knowing what's ahead will make things simpler.

That's where we step in and introduce you to things such as your birth rights, how to properly prepare and what to expect once baby is here.

The New Parent Course is how Antenatal should be.


when baby has arrived
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Congratulations, again!

Now your little bundle of joy has arrived it's glorious, wonderful and ... wait... it's not all roses and shimmering colours!?

This is the time when you are adjusting to your new role as a parent and your baby is adapting to the outside world. It takes time to get to know each other, figure out what your baby needs and learn to communicate with each other. You have a new relationship to build with a person who can't communicate yet.

The more you understand them, the easier it will be to to build that relationship and the happier everyone involved will be.

Find out about your options and what support and activities are available during the 4th Trimester.

WAIT...There's a 4th Trimester!!! I thought we were done after 3!

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this because it is needed. Drastically needed.


Having gone through traumatic birth stories ourselves and listened to thousands of other stories, with varying levels of ease, it was clear to us that the beautiful time of having a new baby is woefully under-supported. It left us unnecessarily stressed, worried and scared about the challenge ahead of us.

From speaking with other new parents we heard surprising but common revelations about treatment in hospitals, lack of feeding support, no awareness of postpartum health for mum or mental health support for either parent.

We also found that there is little focus on play and development of babies in the first 12 weeks or support on sleep, feeding or routines.

Most information out there often just depicts rosy images of how it should all 'go down' #instababy! In reality we need to talk about every aspect of having a baby. The messy, the scary and the fun.

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The 4 pillars of being a New Parent


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Baby Massage and Reflexology


Why is skin to skin contact so important for you and your little one?

It has been practiced for centuries across the world. It helps you to understand your baby and teaches you so much about each other.

Baby Yoga


Develop your baby's limb movement, muscle tone and physical awareness through gentle movement and stretching.


How can I look after my little one?

There is no 'right' way to raise a child, but you'll find that there are many opinions.

We clear the muddy water, merging our own personal experiences of parenthood with decades of professional childcare experience and write all about it in our growing blog.

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